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New year, new notebook

On Support Chat

Over the course of the last few days I had to spent some time in a couple of sessions in a “support-chat” to sort out some issues that I had with an order (or better the lack thereof, and the money paid for). In either of those instances the support had been understanding, friendly and […]

Weeknotes #7

The last one is so long ago that I hope this is not becoming a one-off


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    Nice! Just noticed that the latest Doctor Who season is airing here as well.

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    Every time I open Musecore after a little break I wonder why I shell out for Sibelius every month. Maybe I should be working it for a little longer while and then see if it could stick.

    Update: Glorious spelling error: added “why”

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    It’s a perfect time for one of those “shit we’re old” posts“. Brilliant post on “Wait But Why“.

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    During the morning walk.

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    Merry Christmas (or any other Festivo of your choosing for that matter)!