Finished V.E.Schwabs “Vengeful“, book 2 in the Villains series last night. It’s a fast paced and exciting story (as was the first one) and I like the characters. I would not mind a third book in the series, which might or might not come as the author stated in this nice interview ๐Ÿ“š.

My Todoist Report 2018

Despite my constant, annoying and rather un-productive back and forth with task-managers I seemed to have done rather fine.

It’s that time of the year again, STATS! The fine folks over at Todoist had done again an amazing job and produced, as in the previous years, a wonderful infographic with the users statistics. My complete overview you can find here. I just enjoy these.

Since I mostly stuck with Todoist this year I guess the data is more accurate than last year. Note: I had one short stint in spring, and a much shorter in autumn using my iPhone and in the process Things/OF again, needless to say, it didn’t stick. Additionally I also worked, and still do, with Microsoft ToDo.

That being said, I checked off 124 more tasks last year than in 2017, which, according to the stats, puts me in the top 5% of users. I guess that’s good ๐Ÿ‘. My karma-level though hasn’t changed, thanks for asking, and am by the time I write this still 19550 points away from becoming enlightend.

Aside the increased checked-off tasks, my usage, or productivity, hasn’t much changed since last year. Merely turned.

My most productive time during 2018 was at 22:00 followed by 9 in the morning. I’m not surprised about that (currently writing this at 23:49) because those peak times coincide with my “free” time before and after being at work. During work, or better, while being physically there, I usually get less done. Also no real surprise. Last year my peak times were at 9 o’clock in the morning.

Related to the latter, are the months I get most done, or rather, have to get more done. Autumn and Spring are the beginnings of a new teaching season, and my Todoist is full of things to prepare for upcoming projects such as writing arrangements and what not. Summer is historically empty.

The gap during October most likely means a period I used/tried another task-manager. I remember using my iPhone for about a month and using both Things and OmniFocus, because I obviously can’t have enough task-managers.

Last year this graph looked a bit different, but not dramatically, with a peak in January, from there it went slowly down.

I have fun looking at these stats, since I can now see how the year went a bit. As usual, I’m looking forward to next year, but considered that these stats already show some trends I guess there will be no surprises. Then again, you never know. posted the other day about The World’s Fastest Human on a Bike which was 293 km/h. Which, even with all the technique involved, is mind-boggling. Just for fun I asked Wolfram Alpha and learned, that at that speed, it would take me 36.86 seconds to work. In normal life, I might make it up to the elevator in that time.

I find that reading a book which jumps a lot between timelines in the present and various stages in the past, is way more challenging in an audiobook compared to a book-book for the lack of a better term. Surely needs more focus. I take this as a good thing.

Some things I liked

The first week at work after vacation was as busy as one might expect and I found myself “starring” a lot of articles in my feed-reader, but never came really around reading them, not even talking about even sharing them.

Jazz Wax posted again a great interview, this time with none other than Miles Davis from 1984. The questions are indeed hilarious. Having it running right now.

I finally came around watching Doctor Who’s Resolutions, the new year’s episode. I like it a lot, and the day after watched it a second time. And talking about the Doctor… Via IO9 I learned that the BBC offers downloads of the original scripts on it’s Writers Rooms site. I, to be honest doubt that I will find the time to read them, but it’s nice in any way.

After finishing the Stephen King’s “The Stand” in the beginning of the week, I the other day started V.A.Schwab’s Vengeful: Villians, Book 2. I enjoyed the first book and am looking forward now how the story continues ๐Ÿ“š.

I have started to do some work in Musescore 3 now. Turns out some tasks are much faster and better solved here, but others on the other hand feel more cumbersome. I will have to give it a bit more try. Overall, I do have though managed to get already some very good looking and easy to read sheets out of it.

I haven’t had yet much chance to check out what is actually new in Android Pie. The most obvious difference is of course, the better notifications. I still have to dig in deeper.

Despite my indecisiveness whether to use Microsoft ToDo or stick to Todoist, I like that Todoist has put out the yearly statistics again. I’m currently putting a little post together with some excerpts from it. Interesting to know that I’m in the top 5%. Which I guess is cool.

I’m now hoping that the yearly WordPress review comes out soon as well. I’m not going to be in the top 5% there, that is for sure.

Apps that I relied on the most in 2018 part 1 – Stuff on the Phone

My app-usage is as fluctuating as ever and I tend to experiment a lot to find just the right apps and setup for me. One thing that I avoid as much as possible is to have too many options for more or less the same thing. Sadly this can not always be avoided (see note-taking).

When it come to services and apps I generally try to be as cross-platform as possible for the sake of consistency and to make sure I have access to my stuff everywhere I work, or do stuff. Also this approach makes things a lot easier, since I don’t have to spent time thinking where I left off.

But start off, here’s now my current homescreen:

The first app would be the Microsoft Launcher. I once tried it out of curiosity and since then stuck with it. It has just the right mix between features and simplicity. As a bonus, the app works as a link between phone and my laptop, synching history and as of the latest version, Microsoft To-Do’s and Sticky Notes.

It’s a constant back and forth but at the moment I’m using Microsoft ToDo Todoist for my task management. I’m not sure if it will stick but in case not, I will go back to Todoist (which probably by the time I manage to press publish (edit: and did it, no surprise here… screenshot updated accordingly)). I have elaborated recently on this. I guess though this might be only a temporarily switch back to Todoist, since there was this moment in which getting this one email into ToDo turned out a bit cumbersome and I was annoyed. Outlook integration is coming soon to ToDo but I don’t have it yet. Also not making it easier: I very much enjoy Todoist’s yearly review, this is surely something that I would miss.

At this moment the only “social” media I use is either anything that comes in my RSS reader or Mastodon. I currently use Feedbin and in it I have not only my common dose of blogs, but also my Micro.Blog timeline and several Twitter feeds. It’s almost my one-stop shop for anything social which is quite a time saver. On my phone I use Readably to access my Feedbin. It doesn’t that have many features, but most of what I need (I wish I could use it to subscribe to feeds as well), has good typography options and is overall a very beautiful app.

For Mastodon (I’m here) I use Tusky. I like this app a lot and it does things the way I like them. Nice.

And another Microsoft product: At some point during the last year I switched over to Outlook, both the service and the app, and haven’t much looked back (I had one stint back with Gmail as my main app for a month or so). I much prefer it over Gmail (both app and service).

It might be a bit surprise, but I’m currently rather satisfied with Edge on Android. I has great gestures for navigation (back-/forwards), supports hyphenation, has a built-in ad-blocker and more. Been using it for a while and like it a lot.

Not visible in the top row, but I get my reading done in Kindle and especially Audible. I have joined Audible during the Spring of 2018 and have listened to many books, more than in any year before. I’m almost addicted to it. Talking about listening. Pocket Casts is still my go-to podcast app, and after it’s recent update it has gotten even better than before. I like to use it on the desktop as well, and the sync between the instances phone/desktop is very fast.

My note-taking is mostly a mix of Keep for some things, Sticky Notes for other and OneNote for yet another set of, but most things. It’s a bit of a mess, but so far it works just fine. Or at least… it works.

In another app-category I have been jumping back and forth in, ie. journaling, I have now settled with Journey. It as cross-platform as it can be (also on the desktop) and has a good design.

Messaging is mostly settled, but not necessarily for the best. Everyone and his neighbor is using WhatsApp here and it’s useless even trying something other than SMS. Would love to use something else, but that seems like a lost case at this moment.

There might be some more, like iReal Pro for chords and quick backing tracks, and Google Photos. The latter is the defacto photo solution and I feel this app would be a given at this time. At some point I will post my “desktop” software, which to be fair, is not going to be that much different.

During the week I realized that the Doctor Who’s new years episode, Resolution, is available for streaming here. I was already miffed that it wasn’t. So, I take that back and am watching it now for the second time, just to make sure. It’s such a great episode.