Rocky Shore on Senja

I was supposed to prepare some images needed for work today, when I realized that my Lightroom install mysteriously still was activated (not that I’m complaining) and I found this image from a trip two years’ ago. Taken on the island of Senja/Norway, under less than optimal light is still is a great place to be, and a nice memory from this road trip with my kids.

And yes, still got my work-related images done. Thanks for asking.

Added Gutenberg support to my theme

During some downtime I added some limited Gutenberg support to the theme that I am using. It was surprisingly simple. There is still one issue with the CSS that I will have to iron out, but other than that it is coming along well. Looking at the possibilities of Gutenberg, I’m considering building my own theme based on the starter theme, which after a quick look at it, seemed to be rather straight forward. Maybe that could be a nice summer project.

22 arrangements

I just finished the 22nd and, most importantly, last arrangement for the upcoming concerts and exams. I hope I’m not jinxing anything, but with the biggest chunk now out of the way, my workload until the summer holidays should become a lot more manageable now. If nothing else, there should be at least less nights sitting in front of Sibelius coming up.