A Little Video

Before I left to this trip to England I had the idea to do a few “behind the scenes” videos in Cornwall and took my G9 with me.

It turned out though that I most of the time forgot the camera in the apartment or I recorded in time lapse mode without noticing. Luckily before recording the last two clips from Lands End I realized it. Well, at least I know now what that little icon with the clock means ;-) I tried to fix this a little on two of these clips.

So the whole video isn’t nearly as good as I intended it to be, or even as long as I wanted to, but since I recorded at least some things I thought I could share it also.

It was very windy at Lands End and I turned the sound very low on those clips, but you still get the idea. For everyones sake I did choose to not have some cheesy background music ;-)

And yes…. sorry, but I couldn’t resist this Indiana Jones maps.

Feel free to have a look:

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And for those who haven’t read this so far, I have a little competition going on here. Look for the details in this post.

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  1. Very cool wee video. I like the map idea (iMovie '09?). It's cool to see the location moving and then the resulting shot.

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