Making B&W Prints

Recently I was writing here on my new fascination for Black&White images and the announcement for my logo-competition, where the price is just such a B&W print.

The other day I was visiting my friend Kai again to make a few more prints for myself, and man are these prints beautiful! I got me some nice frames from an Swedish interior decoration store and prepared some of my images to fill them.

The prints are made on a very thick paper and they look absolutely exquisite. Still I’m more fascinated about the B&W conversion than before. Interestingly they make think a lot more about the way I post-process them. Usually, I have processed most of my colour images in roughly 15min, but on those images I spent a lot more time. I get really picky when processing those images.

Having them as a print, and seeing them in a frame is absolutely wonderful, and I would recommend to anyone to print his/her own pictures. It’s like the reward for hours of work and passion.

On a side note (of course a little shameless self-promotion) I would like to tell you that these prints also would be for sale. Stay tuned a little while, there will be some updates here on the site in the near future.

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  1. Since you like B&W printing, I recently stumbled over the website of Nathalie Lopparelli’s lab in Paris. They print on baryt paper for well known photogs (Sebastiao Salgado, S.Greene…). On the homepage you might want to watch a great little movie about the making of these prints. I was really fascinated and wish I would have the equipment to print the old fashioned way.
    It’s here:

    1. Thanks a lot Thomas for your comment and the link. This surely does look interesting. We are going to print photo-rag paper here in the near future.

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