On Fishing And Photography

I have often compared photography with fishing. It’s not necessarily about getting the actual fish, it’s more the process, being out there and trying to get something nice. Which is even more true, once one is not financially dependent on the outcome of course. Be it fish or photograph.

Sometimes though things are different…. Very different…..

The weather had been a drag around here. Well not all the time, but at least it was when I had the time to go out shooting. Being at work, used to be the guarantee for good conditions. The short days of winter and the working schedule just don’t go well together. And I know… I should be used to that already. A quote from David Noton comes to mind:

As a landscape photographer complaining about the weather is like a fisherman complaining about water being wet. Pointless.

David Noton

On the positive side though, we are rewarded with whole nights of good light during summer time, which makes up for these times then.

But sometimes, bad is just bad.

I have been waiting for the right conditions to take a specific image, a few fisher huts which are located in the middle of the sea, now roughly since December. I’m envisioning two images, one being in a heavy snow storm (we had two that I remember of, both time myself being at work) or behind a plain blue sky. The latter we had now, and I had the time to go to the location and get one of the shots that I wanted…

that is….

if I wouldn’t have gotten lost on my way there.

I simply couldn’t find the right path there. I was driving the path before, but it somehow wasn’t where it was supposed to be. I guess I might have to wait another few months before I have another chance, but then I will go the save way and program the directions into the GPS.

Sometimes photography is like fishing, and sometimes all the lakes are just frozen.

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2 replies on “On Fishing And Photography”

  1. Forget the GPS! You weren't meant to be there that day, you were meant to be somewhere else, seeing something else that day. Too much tech complicates and insulates. Being lost is awesome! What else did you see that you could have photographed or enjoyed looking at?

    1. Obviously I wasn't ;-)

      I have been lost somewhere too often, and most of the time it's something good as you said. I have been traveling around this area much and usually found something else, most of the time even better. As you said. But sometimes it just doesn't work out.

      I was stuck to the road and tried to find the location. The rest of that specific area wasn't so inspiring. Some nice locations, but still there was always something (usually behind the subject) which would have taken away the magic of the image. Still, the year just started and the weather continuously improves. And in about a month and a half (or 45 days, as that sounds much more positive) the winter might have ended.

      But before that, there's still the trip to Norway in three weeks…. Finally mountains again….

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