New On The Blog: TiPPS – The iPhone Photography Saturday

Usually the Saturday had been a blog-free day around here and I thought it’s about time to change that a little with a tiny little new series here on the blog: The iPhone Photography Saturday – TiPPS

Unfortunately I don’t have my camera always with me, and I tend to take it out only for my more serious photography, but my iPhone I always have with me, and with it I take quite a few pictures on the go. Like everyone else of course, that’s not so special.

On Saturdays I will from now on post a few selected images from the last week. Starting today.

I hope you enjoy this kind of posts.

2 thoughts on “New On The Blog: TiPPS – The iPhone Photography Saturday

    1. Thanks a lot, glad you like them. Somehow it's sometimes just fun to run around and take pictures with the iPhone.

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