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Fishing Hut Update: The Video

Now I’m back home and starting to warm up with a few cups of coffee, and more important, finally dry socks.

I imported todays images already and did a quick look at them and did some rough processing. They turned out as I expected. Silent and simple images. Here’s a rough edit of one of the images from this morning.

Originally I intended to post this little video from location, but to be honest, even though the temperature wasn’t too cold, the wind was quite harsh and I had a hard time already writing the last post, so that I didn’t quite feel like editing a video out there ;-)

Long talk again… so here it is:

It was so windy out there that the sound go horrible, no can do.

My next live-blogging most likely will be in a few weeks from Norway. I hope everything will work out nicely then. But now more coffee….

By Sven Seebeck

I make music, take pictures, write and apparently collect text-editors and bags.