Getting Inspiration from iPhone Apps

If you had been following my Twitter stream or this blog during this week, you might have noticed my humble live-blogging from my recent shoot somewhere on the still frozen sea (which is actually quite beneficial).

Once I returned home I imported the images into Lightroom and started to process them. I had a rough vision of what I wanted to achieve but sometimes though vision and the actual result don’t seem to play together nicely. The colour version of the image, definitely wasn’t what I was looking for. The B&W conversion turned out to be nice, and close to my idea.

Usually I don’t spent too much time in post-processing my images. Either I opt for a colour version or a B&W. For this image though I wanted to try something else. Inspired by my recent photography with my iPhone and various iPhone apps (I put together a few of my favorite apps in this post) and their vintage effects, I played around a little in Photoshop and finally opted for a bleach/bypass routine. I think the latter suits the image very well, as it has the muted colours and the cold feel that I was interested in.

Here’s a quick look at those three images:

Even though the image of course was not taken with the phone, the idea I got from using these apps. It’s simply inspiring to use the iPhone for something like this and the immediate feedback and the playful aspect of it motivate me to go a little beyond my own limits and experiment a little. In the end it’s just important the image has impact and transfers the mood I’m looking for.

As usual I have some issues in deciding which one to put to my photoblog, and therefore I will post both, the B&W and the bleached one. The latter I have just posted to my photoblog and the B&W will go live after the next image.

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