The Departure

Now it’s time for our departure. We spent two nights here, but it had been exploring so much of the area around, that it certainly felt a little longer. Again, just in time to sunset, lot’s of clouds showed of yesterday, which of course was nice. Maybe a little too much, but I don’t want be picky :-)

I think I got a few nice images during this trip, but I will have to check that home at the computer, hope they will work out nicely. As usual I didn’t took too many images, something around 25 different compositions I guess including the 5 panoramas. I rarely shoot many pictures and usually it works out well this way.

We’re trying to drive a little different route home and maybe there’s a few images on the way. Let’s see. I might post another entry here once I’m back on 3g connection in Finland. Until then, here’s a few iPhone images from last evening.

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