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The iPhone Photography Sunday: TiPPS #5

I finally picked up my own idea and renamed my weekly iPhone photography post. The name iPhone Photography Saturday just doesn’t go over my tongue. So now it’s The …. Sunday. It’s just smoother.

With my current work schedule and design tweaks and checking out new software there was actually not much time to take some fresh images from being on the road. But spring is ’round the corner, just a few more weeks, and then I’ll hopefully have more time to do so.

But here are few fresh images:

By Sven Seebeck

I make music, take pictures, write and apparently collect text-editors and bags.

2 replies on “The iPhone Photography Sunday: TiPPS #5”

These pictures are so clear. I use hipstamatic as well but they don't come out this clear. Do you have the 3g or 3gs? I assume this would make a significant difference. Great pictures though.

Hi Ian,

I'm using the 3Gs and I remember there that I had some issues with blurry images earlier. There's a setting called "precision framing" which is what I have activated. Not sure does it make any significant difference though. Usually in good lighting conditions the app works much better IMO.