Tuesday Link Special: All About Aperture

Last weekend I wrote a post about my first impressions with Aperture and my being-about-to-switch from Lightroom. I still enjoy the software and try explore more and more features of it and as such I would I like to share a few links that I found related to Aperture.

  • Most useful, and also linked to on Apple’s own site, is the Aperture Users Network at MacCreate. Lot’s of tips and posts.
  • Of course Apple’s own site has some nice How-To’s which are nice for someone who doesn’t like to read the manual.
  • There was a question in my last post about the missing Grad-Filter. Here is a payed solution. Personally I would try make my own preset for that though.
  • Over on O’Reilly Media is a blog about Aperture, with posts and resources on Aperture. Doesn’t seem to have been updated recently though.
  • On Alltop is also an own category for Aperture.
  • Screencast Online has one complete show on Aperture on YouTube.
  • And talking about video….. The promotional videos on Apple’s site give some quick ideas on the usage of some of the new features, but more important to me, show some very inspiring photography.

That should be it for today, there’s lot’s of features I’m excited about, with one especially, but that will be part of an upcoming post together with a project and new series here on the blog. Just to tease a little ;-)

As usual, if you have some links to useful or helpful tutorials which are not listed here, feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. Hello Sven, forgive me replying to your post with my own concerns, but I'm envious of your easy way with Inuit Types. I'm struggling to understand the treatment of images in the featured post. I keep getting the cropped, full-width image show in the actual post as well as the original image. So I get two different versions of the same image in the one post, which is not really what I want. You can see the effect here in this test blog I'm using: http://communicateforaction.wordpress.com.

    Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thank you.

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