Featured Image: Lyngen Fjord

It’s about time for another featured image and I thought I also use the chance to populate my panorama gallery.


Isn’t this a wonderful location? Taken on our last day on the way home, we checked out a new location and what a reward and view it was. The sun was already high up in the sky but still the quality of the light wasn’t too harsh and it lit this scene for us, giving it a rather arctic feeling.

While I was composing this image we noticed a group of whales (which we confirmed in the meanwhile as killer whales) passing by. Don’t you just love landscape photography?

I take one round with the panorama head, 13 images, and we’re off to the next location, another panorama is waiting to be taken a few kilometers down the road.

I put together a short clip for this one as well. Please stay tuned..

By Sven Seebeck

I make music, take pictures, write and apparently collect text-editors and bags.

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Wow, that's beautiful. Greetings from Mexico. Hope I can get there soon to see those landscapes in person. :-)

This is a great picture Sven! There is something calming and serene about it. I love how it trails off into the distance giving it a strong sense of depth. The blue is mesmerizing in its tranquil glow, bringing the photo peace and warmth.

So glad I found you!!! Beautiful images, I really enjoyed looking through your site. From one photographer to another…cheers.

What a lovely photo! I have never been as far as Finland, but your photo reminds me of one of the nicest visits I made to Norway. The exquisite scenery of the fjords and the lovely people.
I hope your sister enjoys her visit to the fjords.

nice pic, i luv it…
have u been take a pic to somewhere in tropical-rainforest landscape ?
i think sumday u should go to my country indonesia… :-)

Beautiful! Reimnds me of a type of shot on Planet Earth. I've been watching that series lately. Lovely photography you do!

wow! such a breath-taking picture!! nature shows its beauty, and nothing compares!
Great shot!
by the way, when are you performing photo shot exhibition? or did I miss something?
Greetings from Java

This is a great project. One of the things I'm working with on my blog is showing people how images and music can bring peace to the world. When you sit back and look at what nature provides, I know that is the feeling i get. Thanks for sharing this.

Wow! And I love your name, too, Sven! Great photographer name. Congrats being freshly pressed! Off to look at more of your work…

Mmmmm, so peaceful and beautiful. I wish there were places like this in southeastern New England, USA. I must be content with the status of 'Armchair Traveler' because the nearest similar places are in northern Canada and Alaska.

Bookmarked! Looks like I'll come here more often.

Cheers from Ralph,, "Wanted – The Dean Martin Show!".

Absolutely splendid!! Makes you want to drop that "urgent" list of things I have to do today and . . .fly straight there! Thank you for bringing that world to mine today. -Geeta

I really like how the photo gives you that feeling that you're at the end of the Earth and practically on the World's ceiling.

Very deep and vivid colors, as well. Well done and thanks for sharing it with us! :)