Featured Image: Tide At St.Michael’s Mount

Another photograph of St.Michael’s Mount, isn’t it a wonderful location? Back in Spring 2009 I spent a week in Marazion and passed the Mount every day, always hoping for the right conditions.

It was on my last day in Cornwall, that I got the conditions that I didn’t even dared to dream of. The tide came in just in time at sunset and there were clouds and blue sky. Just perfect. A little later it started to rain ever so slightly causing two rainbows to pose for my last image of that morning.

I converted this in SilverEfexPro, which definitely is my favorite plug-in.

You can see it bigger in my portfolio and read more about my trip to Cornwall in my Photo-Journals.

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8 replies on “Featured Image: Tide At St.Michael’s Mount”

  1. Actually I know of another one. It's right behind my parents house in Somerset, England.
    There's no water around it now but there probably used to be.

  2. Very nice processing, Sven. I agree with you, that Silver Efex Pro is a must-have for digital B&W processing. It has tons of possibilities.

  3. I went to Cornwall for a vacation some years ago and instantly fell in love with the place. We stayed near… Penzance, I think… and often went by and to St. Michael's Mount on the way to and from other sights. Your pictures have captured exactly what I loved so much about this place… the contrast of transformation and enduring defiance in the face of it and the sense of not quite knowing what to expect next.

    Did you get any B/W's of the cobbled road to the Mount as it emerges from the water/or sinks back into it?
    I'd bet they'd be awesome too…

    – Rayn

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