Rocks And Ropes – The Sneak Peek

Covered with mosquito bites I returned home and as usual imported the images into Aperture. I was happy to notice that the images turned out like I envisioned them.

What I like to about Aperture is, how my images come out of it immediately. Usually I don’t apply much adjustments, as the most of the images come out sharp with nice and saturated colours and good shadows and highlights. I simply apply some curves, levels or occasionally fix some trouble spot with a selective shadow/highlight adjustment, usually that is enough. Not always of course.

If you happen to have read my live-blog from this shooting last week, you might remember that I planned to a few locations that I scouted out already during the last winter. While the coastal scene turned out to be like I expected, the fishing harbor wasn’t as inspiring as I hoped it to be. After exploring a the scene a for a while though, I discovered a few details with which I spent some time.

I’m usually not that good with detail images, I simply overlook them. But these ropes, which were lying on the ground somehow were so inviting that I couldn’t resist spending some time find a good a good frame in them. I envisioned them in a sepia-toned B&W with good contrast and sharpness and processed them as such and they came out the way I hoped they would. With nice blacks and good contrast.

The coastal scene also worked as I hoped. It was a wonderful silent moment out there. The sea was so calm and the clouds nicely reflected on the water.

Here’s a short slideshow with some of those images and another video-blog will follow during the course of the week or in the beginning of the next one.

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4 replies on “Rocks And Ropes – The Sneak Peek”

    1. Hi Jonne. Glad you like them. I have some more of the rope images coming up in the future. I think the sepia just works great for them.

  1. Hi Sven,

    Beautiful shots. Usually B/W shots tend to grab my attention more, but in this case it was "Reflections" that caught my eye. Colours and composition are just so inviting and interesting to explore that it almost whispers of its own story.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Hi Rayn,

      thanks a lot for your comments. Glad you like these images. I'm myself always torn between colour and B&W images. I usually try to figure out what works best.

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