My next trip to Norway, or more precise the Lofoten, is only a few weeks ahead and I thought it’s about time for a recent image again.

 (Sven Seebeck)

It was on our first day we spent in Tromsö. Even though the weather conditions were promising during the day they changed just in time for happy hour. Still I liked the cold, steely atmosphere of the light.

When we passed this beach I quickly pulled over the car, took out my gear and tried to make my way through the piles of snow which were covering the areas next to the next. The contrast of the warm colored beach, the blue light and the crystal clear water appealed to me and invited me to spent a while there composing a few frames.

After a few successful images, I pack and we continue our trip to the next location.

More to come..

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4 replies on “Featured Image: Arctic Beach #1”

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your comment. Nice to hear that you like the image. there will be one or two more coming from that location. Please stay tuned.

    1. Hi Jonne,

      Thanks a lot. Glad you like it.

      Indeed the water there was very calm and one could see ground quite a distance over there.

      Having some other images form my last trip coming and in many places the water was that clear.

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