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Using The Crop Tool To Improve The Eye

Today I would like to share a lesson that I learned during my last trip. Most lessons are learned the hard way, and so is this.

Before I captured this image, I explored a small lake with beautiful reflections of the mountains and the evening sky. As I planned to still at least visit one more location after this location time was limited and I worked with my wide angle lens as usual and got quickly a few satisfying images.

Later at home, when I was just editing the layout of this blog and being in need of a few header images for this new blog-theme, I cropped my original image to discover the frame which you can find now on the front page of this blog. Which I prefer actually even more as it is much more compelling and has more impact to my eyes.

Naturally there’s no chance to re-do this image any time soon so I guess I have to live with that, but the lesson to be learned here is to look around more carefully during a shoot and also try different lens choices. Training the eye at home with the crop tool in the RAW editor or Photoshop is an easy way to explore a scene. This might train the eye at for the next time and hopefully might prevent mistakes like these.

By Sven Seebeck

I make music, take pictures, write and apparently collect text-editors and bags.