Where The Rainbows Are At Home

I have spent a week in Marazion, Cornwall and it’s the last day of my trip which I took in spring 2009.

I have been passing St.Michael’s Mount almost every morning waiting and hoping for good conditions. While I had fairly good conditions throughout the week that I spent in Cornwall, the conditions certainly were best in this morning. Everything came together nicely: the tide was just coming in, nice clouds, the ferry just leaving from the castle, some rain and the sun just setting in time to create these wonderful rainbows.

Searching for a good location to escape the finnish winter, it was an image and the DVD by David Noton which ultimately draw me to this location. I didn’t dare to even hope to experience similar conditions but sometimes you just have to be luck.

This image will be part of another project which I have coming up here on the blog, but I will write more about that project in the next few days.

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2 replies on “Where The Rainbows Are At Home”

  1. Cornwall really is a great location, I used to spend most of my weekends on the north coast,
    such a shame i wasn't into photography back then.
    you're right about catching rainbows though, it is more luck than anything else.

    Up till now i've only caught one, Luckily enough it featured in this weeks "Noteworthy" on coolphotoblogs.com.

    1. Indeed it is a great location. Coasts are definitely my favorite theme and the scenery there is just beautiful. Hopefully I can return there soon again.

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