Cornwall – The e-Book, soon here on the blog

In my last post I was slightly cryptical and told you about a new project which I have planned and now it is time to tell you a little more about it. I once prepared a book with my landscape images, and it made quite an impact it on me. I love to see my images as an actual print, and having them nicely presented in a book is even nicer. Somehow though, the act of printing an actual book and trying to sell it does seem to be a total overkill though.

After receiving my iPad I had the feeling that it would be a good solution to distribute my work in the form of an e-book. As the production costs are around zero (not counting the value of my own time of course) this somehow seems to be a no-brainer. I have purchased myself a few e-books (notably David DuChemin’s), and I totally enjoy the experience reading them on the iPad. Reading one on the desktop wouldn’t really appeal to me though. That’s why I decided to jump on the e-book bandwagon myself.

The first one that I’m going to do is based on my photojournal entries of my Cornwall trip and it’s images. The posts will be revised and the main images will be presented nicely on a full page.

Even though I have my choice already, it would be nice to hear about your opinion on that, and if you in general would at all be interested in an e-book with my work. I choose add a poll to this post, and it would be great if you would take a few moments to participate in the poll or leave me a note in the comments.

More to come.

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4 replies on “Cornwall – The e-Book, soon here on the blog”

  1. Hi Sven,

    sicherlich wird ein eBook niemals einen gedruckten Bildband ersetzen können- aber das sollte die Entscheidung für oder gegen ein e-Book nicht beeinflussen.

    Ich finde die Idee jedenfalls großartig und die Entscheidung diesen Weg der Publikation auch für einen Bildband zu gehen zukunftsweisend. Also ran da! :)

    Viele Grüße aus Hamburg,

    1. Hi Andreas,

      vielen Dank für Deinen Kommentar. Ich denke auch das es kein Ersatz ist, aber im Moment finde ich es etwas übertrieben eine richtiges Buch zu machen. Die Kosten und der Aufwand sind einfach zu hoch dafür. Vielleicht später einmal ;-)

  2. Sven,

    I have a hard time justifying purchasing an item that I can’t touch, such as an ebook. However, I can say I would be extremely interested in a print book. I follow several photoblogs and have purchased print books from “Daily Dose of Imagery” and “Ride My Pony”. They are great books to put on a book shelf and share with people when they come over. The are regularly impressed with the images and they make great conversation pieces. With the ability to have books printed “on demand” you may want to take a look into one of those types of publishers to find out what options you have available to you.

    1. Thanks a lot for your comments.

      I have been thinking about a hardcover option also, but I will save this for an upcoming release which I will make dependent on the success or failure of this e-book.
      For a hardcover solution I will most likely then choose a print-on-demand service, but as stated before, I would like to see what happens with this one.

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