Berlevag Lighthouse

It’s the second day up here in most north part of Norway. So far I drove about 1500 km of my total 2500 km in three days. I arrived a day earlier in one of the heaviest storms I have encountered in my life. In fact it almost broke the back of my car when I tried to access the gear stored in the trunk. Luckily in the evening the weather calmed down and I found some nice locations which were protected from the storm.

Norway is an interesting country. After each bay or mountain, the weather and the scenery tends to change significantly. Today seems to be no exception. Having clouds and rather rough conditions in this bay, it was rather peaceful a few kilometres down the road.

Usually I only take a few frames of one specific composition, but from this one it somehow took a while. I took about 15 frames to get the right movement in the waves. At one I went a little overboard and tried to wait for a seagull and the waves to be in the right place.

Well.. I had not so much luck with the latter. I processed this image twice. Once for colour and once as a black & white. The colour version I will publish later to my galleries. And a quick reminder that if you haven’t read my previous post, please take a second to take part in the poll.

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7 replies on “Berlevag Lighthouse”

    1. Thanks a lot Laurie. Happy to hear that you like it. It was again a tough decision, which one I prefer.

  1. Very nice image Sven, you can really get a sense of how stormy it was. The clouds seem so pregnant with rain that you expect a torrent to start any moment.

    1. Thanks a lot John.

      Luckily there was nothing coming out of the clouds at that point. I had enough of that the day before ;-)

  2. I like how the island/creek, the clouds and the sea create nice horizontal patterns. Contrast is great and the picture is interesting to look at. Great capture!

    1. Thanks a lot. Glad you like it. The clouds moved quite fast, and a few frames earlier they weren't that nice.

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