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The Presentation Is Ready To Go

Big day today! During the last few days I have been busy preparing what is going to be my first bigger presentation of my work (outside the blog or my living-room that is) and tonight I will going to present it. Roughly 90 slides nicely put together in Keynote and full of hopefully nice images and useful information.

I was asked by photographer Kai Tirkkonen to do a presentation of my work together with an introduction into landscape photography during a weekend workshop of his. Besides showcasing my images I will talk a bit about techniques, composition and location scouting. A bit of everything.

So far it looks very nice and I hope it will work then in the evening. As a bonus one print of mine will also be given away as a prize to the participants of the workshop. I will keep you posted.

And while I’m just at the topic of image presentation.


A few weeks ago, naturally during my holidays when I was aways from the compute, Photoshelter has added a few new features to it’s and one of them would be a portfolio feature. Once I returned I added one to my page myself, but if you visit my site usually through your feedreader you might have missed out on that. So feel free to visit my portfolios which feature so far my colour and black and white images. Naturally you can of course also browse through my galleries.

And since you are already here, you can have of course a look at my latest attempt of increasing the readability of this site, an endeavor which is still going on at the moment.

More to come…

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