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Presentation Follow-Up

I don’t want to bore you too much with my small achievements, but I wanted to give a quick follow up on the presentation that I have done during a workshop on Friday. Also at the same time I would like to thank everyone who sent their wishes to me via Facebook and Twitter and of course to Kai Tirkkonen for giving me the opportunity to present my work.

To make a long talk short, it went very well and it took in fact much longer than I expected it to be. I calculated about 30min but in the end it turned out to be roughly an hour. Longer, doesn’t of course mean better, but still it was a surprise and the time passed by quickly.

I realized that, besides all planning and reformatting, the screen resolution for the projector didn’t work really out. Resulting in slightly pixelated and slightly dark images. Which is a little sad, as I saved the presentation in the correct format and resolution to preserve the best possible image quality. Well no can do, at least now. Some testing would have helped here.

While I’m pretty much used to talk in public I learned, or better realized, that I’m much better with writing about my work than talking about it. A rough idea you might get when you listen to my few audiocasts here on the blog. Maybe I should just do more of them.

Besides these two minor flaws the presentation went well, and I believe to have achieved what I was aiming at, an informative and visually pleasing presentation. A few findings or topics of these talks, I will post here on the blog in the near future.

In future presentation of these kinds I will do some things slightly different and most likely more thoroughly. While I thought it was already rather clear in it’s basics, I can now imagine it to be even clearer. Hopefully I will have another chance in the near future again.

By Sven Seebeck

I make music, take pictures, write and apparently collect text-editors and bags.

5 replies on “Presentation Follow-Up”

Thanks a lot for your comment John.

You’re right, next time there will have to be some testing and not simply trusting that the technical part will just work. Also for the content I should make some changes. Luckily nothing big.

Now the next show/viewing just has to come ;-)

Glad it went well. Quite an experience. It’s all about the get and go to do these things!

When I went to the David Noton roadshow, a HD projector was used and consequently the images looked great so much so that in the book, they’re a little subdued.

Hi David!

Thanks a lot for your comment. Wish I could see a roadshow from David once. Just got his last book and the DVD, which at least is a nice substitute.

HD projector you say…. Hmm.. Drooling now over something like that. If I do a viewing again I will have to rent one of these ;-)