My Favourite Images of 2010

As the year comes to an end I would like to wrap up a little on what happened during this year. It was a fairly busy and this first of two parts will focus on my photography and the second one on everything else.

There was quite a bit of traveling again this year, my photography took me all in all three times to Norway. Once in April, then again in June to the Lofoten Islands and finally in late June to the very north of the country to the Finnmark area. Taking a trip to do landscape photography is just so inspiring and an enormous learning experience. Somehow the eyes seem to work differently when being somewhere else. For me it’s not the amount of images that I take at a certain location, it’s more about returning with at least one good image from each trip. It happened though, that I had the luck to capture more than one good image on each of these trips.

Aside of these excursions I of course took also quite a few images in my closer neighborhood here in Finland, which I unfortunately did not had much time to explore further this year. Hopefully in the next year I have a chance to visit the locations that I actually had planned for this year.

So without any further ado, here’s a collection of my favorite images from this year in no particular order. Links to the blog posts you find under the images and if you are interested, you are of course welcome to browse through my galleries.

It wasn’t really easy to decide which images to include in this post and there are still quite few images waiting to be processed. They will come up sooner or later here on the blog also of course.

Usually around this time of year I have posted some sort of summary of the events during this year, together with a few of my favorite images from this year. It happened that just recently though Jim Goldstein announced a blog project asking his readers to write a blog post with his or hers favorite images everyones favorite and submit the post to his project. As this is surely a fun project and therefore I decided to split this post into two parts, one for the images and one with the summary which will come up later. More information about the project you find on Jim’s blog.

By Sven Seebeck

I make music, take pictures, write and apparently collect text-editors and bags.

33 replies on “My Favourite Images of 2010”

Hi Laurie, nice to hear from you.

Thanks a lot. It indeed was rather eventful year. Looking forward to the next one. Let’s see what happens then.

Hi David,

thank you very much for your comment. Nice to hear that you like the images especially Malangen Mountains. It is indeed one of my favorites.

Hi Sven,

It is never easy to produce a top 10. I’m in the middle of choosing my own right now and have been staring at the same 17 images for a week trying to get them down to 10.

Some truly inspiring work above. Looking forward to see what you have in store for 2011.


Hi John,

agree. I have been thinking a bit about this, but even at this time I think I should have added or removed some images. In the end it seems to be just a matter or daily taste. At least it feels like ;-)

I particularly like #2 and #3 Sven. I got my favourites of the year down to 20 fairly quickly, but then getting down to 8 took some time. I thought about sticking to a top 10, but I felt that the 8 I chose stood above the other two in my top 10.

All the best for 2011 – I wait for that call to head up to Glen Coe! ;)

Thanks a lot Tim!

Actually I’m just at the moment browsing for locations in Scotland.;-)

Hi Rebecca!

Thanks a lot for your comment and extra thanks for your nice words. I’m happy that I participated in Jim’s project this year since I successfully missed it last year ;-)

Thanks a lot everybody for your overwhelming amount of comments. Happy to hear that you like my images from this year.

An enjoyable and tastefully made group of images. I like the first three the best. I also like your use, as opposed to overuse of Photoshop. My father pioneer large format landscape photographer Philip Hyde photographed mainly Western North America most of his life, but in his last 10 years he photographed a few countries in Europe. I know he would have loved to get to Norway as he joked about “collecting mountains” in his travels. He had his hands full helping to save the Grand Canyon from flooding and helping to make a number of other national parks. Hopefully I will get a chance to photograph in more countries by the time I’m done.

Hello David!

Thanks a lot for your comment. I have been following your blog for a while now. Norway is indeed a wonderful place to photograph. It just has everything that I like to photograph, Mountains, the sea, tide. I hope you will have the chance to visit that country one day.