Saana – Take Wide

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Today’s a little, or better, wide follow-up to my last post, “Saana, you’re looking good today” which featured a panoramic image which I took during my last trip to Norway.

In fact I did two slightly different versions of this image: my favourite, and planned version which I posted in my last blog, and one with a little more view to the left of the mountain Saana. Since the images were taken with the same settings I had the idea of merging the two different versions, to one longer version, hoping to be able to show a little more wideness of the scenery.

Saana - Take Wide

One issue that I have generally with panoramic images on the web is the presentation: depending on the format and size of the image, the image tends to become very small when presented on the web. In an older post, I tried a solution with posting an panorama in form of a video, and as flash-based version of the image, with the video working best as of this moment.

Recently I was reading National Geographic’s iPad app, which inspired me to try a different solution, which I in fact like best so far.

Surely the composition is not entirely balanced, but then again, it wasn’t supposed to be presented like this. Take it as a proof of concept.

I hope you do enjoy the presentation of this image as and if you run into any issues please let me know.


I have changed some things which make some other things to not work anymore. Trying to figure something out.


Decided to make a video:

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Hi Chris!

Thanks a lot for your comment. The light indeed was very nice that morning. The scrolling is simply an iFrame. Very easy to do.