Raptor Falls #2

The other week I posted the first image in this series and it’s time for the image which I originally envisioned.

Immediately when I passed the waterfall I had the idea for vertical panoramic image. The waterfall seemed to be just perfect for this purpose. This doesn’t only look nice here and I’m sure it will make a wonderful print.

I also just realized that it is much easier to present a vertical panorama on the blog than a horizontal one ;-).

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5 replies on “Raptor Falls #2”

  1. That is a very beautiful image. And a vertical panorama is a bit easier to present although it still requires scrolling.

    And I can imagine how good that would like as a print.

    1. Hi Ramin!

      Thanks a lot for your comment. Agree there is still scrolling but still it’s big enough to see some nice detail, compared to a horizontal panoramic image in for example 660px width.

      Looking forward to get it printed and framed.

  2. Great black and white capture. Just the right shutter speed to convey movement of water. Really like it.

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