Looking Back At An Eventful Week

Whoa, this truly has been an eventful week and there more things happening that I had time to write about here on the blog. At one point I then thought it would be easier to write an all–in–one kind of post.

Apps and iOS

One of the biggest things in this week was naturally the release of iOS 6 and along with it came a bunch of software updates. My favourites of these were definitely Poster, Drafts and the latest version of Agenda. Drafts and Poster are building a wonderful blogging platform together and I rely on both apps daily.

In the new iOS is a lot to like. I haven’t yet had time to explore it in detail, but so far I enjoy that even though the latest version of the app-store is, well, interesting and surely will get some time getting used to 1, the extra information on the apps in the store that is easier accessible now. It’s easier to see when the app was updated the last time and finally link to the app are available.

Another big plus is that updates don’t require a password anymore. Which was very neccessary I think.

The discussion on Apple’s Maps have been all over the internet and while there was a lot of noise, a few nice and realistic articles have been written. But to be honest, I’m not quite getting it.

I have been trying the (for actual navigational purposes) a few times now and found it very fast and accurate. In fact it was much faster than the dedicated GPS app that I am using as we’ll. It’s not perfect but it got me where I wanted it me to bring to.

To be fair though, I did not need any transit data at all. In fact, I have rarely been in the need to use them, but the few times I did they were of course very useful. That they are missing at the moment is truly not very fortunate, but I’m sure it will come rather sooner than later.

The main issue with most of these navigation apps (including Google Maps) is, that they require a data connection. While this is fine around here, but once I am in a different country I am screwed and eventually lost, as that is really the place where I would need the maps to work. For these purposes a dedicated navigation/GPS app is anyway neccessary.

For someone who usually writes messages in three different languages on a daily basis, this new feature in iOS6 is very helpful. I wish this would work in other apps as well.

On Twitter (yet again)

Twitter’s recent actions are becoming more and more annoying and just during this week IFTT needed to remove a few triggers due to Twitter’s recent API changes. Even though this doesn’t affect me much 2 it stinks.

Well, at least this way my activity over on is increasing and I invite you to follow me over there. I started to write down a few thoughts and or rants already here in my Drafts folder, but to be honest, I don’t even think it’s worth spending more time and energy on this by trying to finish them.

And some podcasts related things

My favourite podcast listen this week was without a doubt the last episode of Back to Work. The first hour was probably the most entertaining thing that I have heard in a long time and made me feel so much more normal.

I am sure I have forgotten quite a bit, but I will throw that in later in the week. Well, maybe.

  1. David Caolo has written about some of his gripes of the new design, which I not always share but are interesting to note 

  2. I have yet not come around to set up one of these Backup Tweets to Dropbox kind of actions, but now I can’t even do so anymore. It’s my content not yours Twitter. 

By Sven Seebeck

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