Stuff from this week

The perception of time is truly a curious thing: sometimes minutes feel like hours 1 and at other times one realizes that a new episode of The Walking Dead is showing and with it obviously another week had passed almost un-noticed.

This week was of the latter.

Since there was a lot to do at work during the week, I did not had too much time to do some writing or any other stuff for that matter. I did though switched back to my old theme here on the blog (I know, don’t even get me started). Sometimes evolution walks in circles and trying different themes, just makes it clearer to see what I actually missed from this one.

I’m sure I could find some nice and wise quote for this, but I’m too lazy to search for one now.

As I keep on working with Nebulous Notes my macro-setup is improving all the time and I’m sure that I will soon have a very good toolbar. Once I’m done with it, I will (naturally) post this here.

Talking about posting this here…

I am still in the process of getting my iPhone home-screen into a good shape, and this app I ran into today (via Viticci) might be able to do a good job for the screenshots in the post and the (upcoming) page2.

So, but now I will clean up this post and send it over to Poster.

  1. Being at the dentists’ office come to mind. 

  2. It’s a free application but there’s some in-app-purchases for un-limited export.