Apps I’m Waiting For

I got my first my first generation iPad right after it’s release in Europe and since then have embraced working with it. I am using it all the time and it simply fits perfectly into my way of working and my lifestyle.

The flip side of this is that my iMac at home is nowadays serving mainly as a device to stream TV and music or to play back a DVD. The only tasks I use it regularly for are photo- and website editing, or working in Finale Music. Neither of these tasks are daily though. For (almost) everything else I prefer either the iPad or iPhone for.

Since the iOS ecosystem has become my workhorse 1 so to say, I am always looking for tools that will enhance the way I use my iPad and iPhone.

The iPad just suits my needs and with tools like OmniFocus, TextExpander, Dropbox, Pythonista (which recently blew my mind), Nebulous Notes, Poster and apps like Drafts (which doesn’t even have an equivalent on the desktop) I can do everything I would have needed the desktop for just a few years ago, just better.

That all being said, there always room for improvements or better, refinements, in my toolkit and many promising applications have already been announced (in one way or the other that is).

At the moment I am looking forward to see a few applications that I hope to be released soon:

Fantastical, Cobook and Multimarkdown Composer are already on the desktop available, Pinbook on the phone and 1Password 4 looks like a gorgeous update.

It’s good times right now and I surely hope to see at least some of the above in the near future.


Of course I totally forgot about the next incarnation of Instacast which appears to be just around the corner now.

  1. This post for example was (admittedly) quickly and easily produced on the iPhone: the video was recorded, processed and uploaded on the phone, and published from the iPad. The tools I used were, iMovie, Nebulous Notes and Poster. It couldn’t have been any easier. 

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