On Rdio

There’s been many updates this week so far but when the other day the updated Rdio app got released I was surprised. It was not only because I was able to download the app without getting the usual Not available in the Finnish store pop-up, but also because I learned that the service is now also available around here.

I am having a Spotify-subscription for a while already, but after giving Rdio a try I figured that it actually might suit my needs a bit better. Admittedly the services are pretty similar in pricing and offerings but I find that, as Frederico already pointed out, the general idea of building up a collection of recordings, as opposed to creating playlists is rather appealing.

The simple concept of creating a virtual CD-shelf so to say is giving the service maybe a bit more of a personal feel. It is a little like back in the days, when I still went to a store to buy a CD and eventually put into my shelf.

I still have a few days left on my trial, but so far I really like what I’m seeing, erm… hearing and the selection of available Jazz recordings is very nice. In fact, I have found some real nice gems already 1.

A very nice and thorough review you can find over on Macstories.net and, should I settle with the service, you could me find there as svnsbck 2

  1. Like this wonderful Stan Getz recording 

  2. My profile is currently private, but that might change in the future.