Speeding Up OmniFocus Sync

OmniFocus is surely one the core applications that I use in everyday life. It’s the app that I continuously get value out of and which helps to get all my stuff somewhat organized.

As much as I enjoy using OmniFocus it is not without flaws: some inconsistencies between the applications aside I often found the sync to be annoyingly slow at times.

Instead of troubleshooting the issue I usually either chose to live with the slow syncs or tried to work with a different application for a while. I think the latter solution never lasted longer than a week before switched back to OmniFocus. It’s simply does everything that I need it to do in one app which is very important to me.

Long story short, after (yet) another week-long stint with another product, I am back to my trusted OmniFocus setup and finally decided to not only use the return to refine my setup and learn more about the software, but also to finally troubleshoot my sync issue and finally fixed it.

As so often, a solution, which sped up my sync speeds significantly, was only one search away. Should have done that much earlier.

I followed more or less this approach and so far my sync speeds have in fact improved. Simply turning off sync, then pressing Compact Database (as described) and finally turning the sync back on did the trick.

Not very obvious, but quick and easy.


So far it does work for me and I haven’t experienced any issues, but naturally you should do this at your own risk.