On Podcasts

My last post in this category is by now about two years ago and it’s time for another Podcast post. Suffice to say, that I’m still hooked on Podcasts. I listen to them every day and regularly look for and try some new and interesting ones.

When I looked at my older posts I noticed how my preferences have changed over time. I listen to a lot less tech-type or photography podcasts nowadays but found a lot more interest in the comedy or story-telling-kind of podcasts . I trial new ones regularly and try to not get overboard with the amount of subscriptions in order to keep it manageable. The last thing I need is yet another backlog.

But here’s now a list of my current selection.

Current faves:

Honary mention with only two episodes so far: Tech Douchebags

The App(s)

Finding subscriptions and catching up with them is easy, finding the best app to listen to them in is another story . Podcasts apps there are plenty, in fact it almost feels like the Podcast apps are the new Twitter apps.

I think I used at least five different: Pocket Casts, Instacast, Downcast, Castro and Podcasts. There’s a lot to like in all of them but for some reason neither application is like, yeah, that’s the one for me yet. I know I’m picky.

I like to listen at the desktop as well, but by the time of this writing only two applications that I have used have a dedicated desktop version: Instacast and obviously iTunes. The remainder is phone or tablet only. Bonus point for Pocket Casts for being great on Android too.

I often switch devices while listening and really appreciate that most applications synchronise between devices. Sync though is hard to get right. I don’t want to go into needless details, but I ran into all kinds of oddities with re-appearing subscriptions or duplicates. One app that seems to do fine most of the time and currently the one that I’m using the most is Pocket Casts.

So, I keep looking around for the app but until then I at least have a lot of things to listen to. A follow up will be on the blog in about two years.

Published by Sven Seebeck

I make music, take pictures, write and apparently collect text-editors and bags.

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