John Coltrane Interviews – A Collection

I am a sucker for interviews and learned many things from them. There is so much to learn in these.

Inspired by my last link-post I decided to dig around and look for interviews with the great John Coltrane. It goes without saying that I quickly found some very interesting ones; many of them actually unknown to me. Nice.

The only audio interview that I was familiar with so far was the one from the Miles Davis LP (!) Live In Stockholm which surely has a very interesting opening. In fact last time I listened to this one, I did so from the actual LP. This actually makes me feel old.

I like how these (or other interviews for that matter) show a more of the behind the scenes view of him and his work and reveal more the why and the process as opposed to the more analytical what.

Q: You do have a strong feeling for tradition, haven’t you?…

A: I guess so! I would like to even make it stronger. You know. I’d like to strengthen my roots so to say. You know. Because I didn’t start at the beginning and there’s a whole lot back there that all young musicians should hear.

It’s just great to hear him talk about his influences, his early career and about his work with Miles and Monk. He talks about the latter a lot in the interview with August Blume which is exceptionally insightful and amusing and a highly recommended listening.

Much to my own surprise I found a few more interesting interviews on Spotify, which for the sake of ease I have collected in this playlist:

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I did find more interviews and while most of it were duplicates, these ones are nice as well:

While the aforementioned interviews are audio files I was actually able to find this one on Downbeat:

Listening to interviews like this I find it not only very inspiring but also a major learning experience. During a masterclass I myself have gained so much information and learned so much just by listening Benny Golson telling stories from back in the days. Often this is knowledge which is difficult to put down in words, yet it opens so many doors to understanding Jazz and it’s creators.

By Sven Seebeck

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