Twenty-Something Years Later

About twenty years ago I was listening to a Big Band rehearsal for a concert with Sam River’s music, the host of the masterclass that I was attending. It turned out that one tenor player was missing and with me hanging out in the doorway, that problem was easily solved and I joined the band for that evening’s concert. For once I have been literally at right time at the right place.

Then, this gig was way out of my league and I found myself sitting in amongst Sam Rivers, Herb Geller, Joe Gallardo and a trumpet/flugelhorn player named Bobby Shew. That was my first time seeing and hearing him live in person, and I still remember how I was blown away from his playing.

Now years later the Oulu All Stars Big Band performed with him and I again had the honour and pleasure to play with him. Again, I was equally impressed by his playing and I had a blast listening to stories and playing for a few days.

He was talking about his days with Woody Herman, Tommy Dorsey and Buddy Rich. It was just great and I learned a great deal during just the three days with him. An absolute honour.

Me an Bobby Shew

Funnily he did remember the gig with Sam Rivers (of course not me) twenty years ago.

Published by Sven Seebeck

I make music, take pictures, write and apparently collect text-editors and bags.

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