A few more Atom.io Packages for Markdown Editing

I wrote at length already that I generally would like to have access to all my stuff everywhere, and equally important, have the same experience on all devices. Or better put, to make sure that I at least would have the chance to have to same experience everywhere. I weirdly OCD about this.

This is one of the reasons why started to use Atom.io for my humble writing/typing needs. Atom.io is available on all platforms and is freely available, which means I can easily set it up also on my machine at work and am not tied to any app-store, or any OS, should I have the need to do so.

In the past I wrote a few posts on my setup, but found the other day a few more packages which make Atom.io as Markdown editor even more enjoyable.

Some more packages:

  • Expose. Even though this package related to markdown per se, it makes navigating multiple open tabs a little more pleasing to eye. I tend to have my recent files open and this makes jumping between them a lot easier.
  • Atom Focus Mode This one adds for example line-focus. Another neat feature that I have been missing.
  • Markdown Helpers for quickly adding links (think Brett Terptra’s search link).

As a bonus I would like to point out that the Zen package has gained typewriter scrolling since the last time I used Atom1! This is another feature that I have been looking for.

With these and the earlier installed packages I have a rather pleasing setup, which should be available everywhere where is Atom.io. Haven’t tested, but chose to believe the latter.

So, will this sway me away from my trusted iA Writer? I don’t know, but I think I might give this one a try again for a while and see how it feels or if it sticks.

And yes, the font used in that screenshot it Fira Mono. I came to like this one.

  1. Zen is surely one my crucial packages here, and since I haven’t used Atom.io much recently, I simply didn’t notice when this was added. 

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