The Nordkapp

The last trip to Norway is now almost four years ago1, and during that, we also made it up to the Nordkapp. While we had mostly good conditions during the trip through the Finnmark area, the weather changed radically once we got close to the Nordkapp.

Just a couple of kilometres ahead of the Nordkapp I was taking pictures in beautiful sunlight but the closer we came to the cape, the foggier it got. The low visibility and the tight, and at that time under construction, roads got ever now and then rather scary to drive.

Visiting the Nordkapp wasn’t quite what we have expected. Conditions aside, we were surprised about it being such a tourist-y place. In hindsight, looking at the Nordkapp traffic which passes through here during summer, this shouldn’t have come much of a surprise.

Still it was a great experience and I would visit there again with the hope of seeing a bit more of it. But hey, fog always makes up for some very nice and eery images.

  1. Another proof that I am one of the more effective and fast writers. 

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