My Favourite Monospaced Fonts for Writing

Even though I am not writing that much, I am weirdly picky about choosing and sticking to a font for my ‘writing environment’.

Much to my own annoyance I tend to switch fonts regularly but these are the fonts that I like best:

  • Hack
    My current favourite. I have re-discovered Hack a few weeks ago, but once I got used to it, I came to like it and have been using it happily ever since in every app.

  • Fira Mono
    This is one very nice and I have become rather attached to this one. The only thing I am missing is italics. is somehow able to fake them, which makes the lack thereof less obvious, but doesn’t help in other apps. There is though a non-official-fork of the font including italics which I might give a try one day.

  • Nitti
    Without doubt a long time favourite. It ships with iA Writer, but the standalone version is a tad too expensive for me. I simply can’t justify paying that much for any font, hence I use it only when I use iA Writer.

  • Office Code Pro D
    I wrote earlier of this font. It is surely one of my favourites and open source and freely available.

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