Up or through the roof

The thing with the ghost-touches continues and it’s driving me up the roof.

Earlier the ghost-touch-thingy happened again extensively and shortly thereafter I noticed the phone flying direction of the wall. Unfortunately (or fortunately, pick one) I was on the bed, unable to throw decently, causing the phone merely to bounce off of it, against Lego-Millenium Falcon box and then on the floor.

Obviously it was a bad attempt at throwing a phone and neither broke or fixed the issue. Suffice to say I’m disappointed about the ineffectiveness of my action.

Since factory-resetting the phone the other day didn’t help I guess I will opt-in into the beta of the next software update, hoping it will fix this.

Alternatively I could also work on my throwing technique.

Published by Sven Seebeck

I make music, take pictures, write and apparently collect text-editors and bags.

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