And back to OmniFocus (again, like for the hundreth time)

After re-animating my 6plus the other week I also started to give Things 3 try and naturally I have some thoughts about it and learned something about myself. While it is visually without doubt the most beautiful, and well designed task-manager around I found it, besides all it’s simplicity too cumbersome to use.

Most frustating was1 that I seemingly can’t organize the tasks the way I want. I couldn’t find a easy way to, say, list all items in an area that have a due date. If the tasks were tagged though, I could see them in the Upcoming list filtered by that tag, but that easily get’s annoying once that task is far ahead into the future, and involved a lot of scrolling.

In short: there is no way to build up anything at least resembling perspectives. I didn’t know that I rely on them so much, but I had a few in Todoist and also in OmniFocus, which is what I am now using again.

However I hard I tried to use someting else, OF is the app I always come back to.

  1. And I’m not even going in now and talk about the lack of Spotlight/Siri -search or location based reminders. 

3 thoughts on “And back to OmniFocus (again, like for the hundreth time)

  1. It seems to be hard to get the little things right. Tried 2doapp yesterday. Great! Now let’s set this task to “defer again”…erm…no, can only repeat every X. That’s not the same, that’s not what I want.

  2. Though I am quite an analog guy going the Bullet Journal way I enjoy the simplicity of using OF and how it helps me keeping track of all the little things that make a project. I still do not know a good way to use Perspectives – most of the time I just check the Forecast once a day, and do a complete review every 2 months (the weekly is done on paper with a look on my forecast). But 2018 I want to have some good perspectives to use #makingplans

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