My Podcast List for Spring 2018

The amount of podcasts consumed during the last few months has seriously been going down


I have written at length about my podcast habit and have been listening to podcasts for 10 years or more. During all those years, Audible had been a sponsor of many shows, and ironically, audio-books are now singlehandedly responsible for me listening to a lot less podcasts.

Since signing up for Storytel (think Spotify for audio-books) I have a hard time catching up with my podcast subscriptions in favour of a nice book. I haven’t though not entirely stopped listening to podcasts, but reduced it to a few shows that I really like or which post so infrequently that I still can keep up with them.

But here’s now the list:

Not so many left in fact. In comparison it were 25 a year ago and 38 in December of 2016.

There are a few more shows that I have subscribed to, but sadly don’t come around to listen to, but in return the list of listened-to audio-books is of course increasing, but that’s another post.

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