Legoland 2018

The other day I realized that a post with some of my impressions, and most importantly some images, from Legoland in Billund is long overdue. So here it is.

First of all, I think we chose a great time to go there, just slightly before the summer vacations started in the majority of central Europe’s countries. For starters, the hotel pricing was still off-season, and most importantly, the waiting-times times at the rides were minimal. In many rides there was even none, which was perfect.

We stayed two days in the park, which considered the low waiting times, was plenty. I can imagine though, that during the height of the season, this could barely be enough (we heard later about waiting times in the vicinity of 1.5 hours).

We stayed in a hotel on the ground, which made accessing the park a breeze and was fun for the kids. For our stay, we chose the Ninja Go hotel, the kids’ favourites. The rooms were, obviously Ninja Go themed, and the hotel had great breakfast (it easily passed my criteria for Hotel breakfast, which meant, it had croissants and Nutella) and it lead straight into the park 👍. The park itself, contains rides of all kinds, I’d say the usual suspects: some water rides, a haunted house, roller coasters, a 4D movie-theatre, Seaworld and so on. All Lego-themed of course.

From my first visit to the park (an undisclosed amount of years ago, but I was still in the single digits then, you do the math) I could remember two attractions, especially the Miniworld, which had been expanded since then. Needless to say, by also the Star Wars world, which looked great.

It was a fun visit and there are many great rides there, I’m sure though that the Ninja Go ride can’t be won by parents, but that’s another story.

By Sven Seebeck

I make music, take pictures, write and apparently collect text-editors and bags.