Finally came around listening to “The Great Leap Years”

From Stephen Fry’s Great Leap Years:

It tells the story of how our lives have been transformed by a fascinating and compelling mixture of human decision and vision, greed and need.

I had this podcast on my list for a while, but never came around to finally listen to it, but now I finally managed. I guess being on a “audiobook-hiatus” helps.

I’m only three episodes in and it is very interesting. It’s somehow along the lines of his “Stephen Fry’s Victorian Secrets” Audible book which I read last year.

I enjoy Stephen Fry’s presentation, or reading for that matter, and it turns out that a rather large portion of the audiobooks that I read/listened last year, were read by him. Most notably the 70+ hour “Sherlock Holmes – The Definite Collection”, which was a delight to listen to.

By Sven Seebeck

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