Hello, I’m Sven Seebeck and you just ended up on my blog, or to be more specific on the about page. I am a musician with a passion for photography, writing and blogging. Often I find myself to tinker around with the themes and the design of any of my blogs more frequently than posting to them, but that is just what I do. Even though I presume that you happened to arrive here by pure accident, I invite you to read more about the things I do.


If you read through this blog you will find many, more than I consider healthy myself, references to text-editors of all kinds. Somehow an issue of mine. But my preferences have evolved and I eventually came to conclusion that it is much easier, friction-less and efficient to use the default tools and work mostly out of the WordPress.com editor. Haven’t looked back since.

Desktop Apps:

As stated, I use the WordPress.com editor in Chrome, or in some cases, simply the Press-This Bookmarklet. Especially the editor is becoming both simpler and easier on the eyes, and more powerful recently and I enjoy writing in it a lot. The obvious benefit is of course cross-platform availability and consistent feel.

For longer posts, or posts that I need work on over a longer period of time, I started to use the recently introduced Google Docs integration and find it very comfortable to use.

Mobile Apps:

The above choices also have simplified my mobile workflow and also here I stick to the WordPress app or, as of recently, Google Docs. Couldn’t be simpler.


Besides writing for this blog I have contributed several articles and tutorials in german language. My own writing aside, I have had the honour to be interviewed both in English and German. All of these have been published here:





All external content I link to on this site is naturally out of my control. While I do my best to be save I can’t guarantee anything. Should you get viruses, your computer burst into flames or anything similar, it is your own responsibility. For the time being I post here just for fun and mostly for myself, I retain the option to add affiliate-links at some point should I feel it useful to keep up a bit with the expenses for this blog.