I don’t use notebooks nearly as much as I would like to and like the idea of these re-usable notebooks. My current though kind of cooked during the cleaning process. Now ordered the Everlast as a replacement. Erasing the content with a moist cloth seems more reliable and surely easier than using a microwave.

31 day streak achieved

Even though I didn’t really plan for it, I managed a 31 day streak, at least one post a day for a month! This is also the longest streak I had on this blog, since its inception ten years ago. Great! Early in the month I realized that I had a little streak already and […]

More Winter-Panoramas

Today, on the last day of the year we took the opportunity for a quick trip to Koitelinkoski. We have been here plenty before and this is one of our favourite places nearby. We grilled some sausages and I took a couple of panoramas. I selected one horizontal and one vertical for this post. The […]

Considering the speed and price of our “fixed” internet connection we finally switched to a “mobile” one. It’s up to 4x’s faster at a lower price. Go figure! Plus we don’t have to consider a mesh-network to have good coverage and simply put the box where we need it the most.

Links for the Weekend

A little bit of a link-backlog had been accumulated in my todo-list/notebook aka my currently unexplainable and cryptic note-taking system (i.e. it’s all over the place) and it’s time for a little link-dump of posts from all around the interwebs that I found interesting in no particular order. Marc Myers had a post this Friday […]

I just read that Musescore 3.0 was released over the holiday, which is nice. I have used the 3.0-beta a bit, but will have to explore it more now. I had some issues with previous versions of the app and am curious to see if they have been resolved since then. Not that I’m eager […]