Seven years and 70 socks

For our seven-year wedding anniversary my wife surprised me fittingly with seventy pairs of socks. Which is brilliant and the best gift ever! I don’t know about your sock drawer, so they are still in a box and it looks something like this: The fun of this gift aside, I realized how much time these […]


Despite earlier plans to move the blog I renewed my subscription the other day. I’m happy here (on and from all my previous attempts of moving I already learned (or should have at least), that I usually spent a lot of time during but mostly after the move to get everything just right, and […]

The one with the Gävle Goat

While passing through the city of Gävle, Sweden one our return-trip from Denmark last summer my wife told me hilarious story of the Gävle Goat, and now is just the right time to share it here. From the Wikipedia article which sums up the story most nicely: The Gävle Goat (Swedish: Gävlebocken) is a traditional […]

5.0 and waiting for Twenty Nineteen

Now that WordPress 5.0 has landed I’m eagerly awaiting for the new default theme Twenty Nineteen to arrive on as well. I learned earlier that there are some issues at the moment, but I hope that they are going to be resolved soon. For the time being I have switched back to Independent Publisher 2, […]

Art Selfie-ing

Talking about things not previously available here… While checking out the augmented reality Vermeer exhibition in the Google Arts & Culture app, which is awesome in itself, I realized that the art-selfie (already old elsewhere, I know, don’t get me started please) is now available as well. Don’t know when that happened, but I’m happy […]

The new Doctor

By accident I learned that Season 11 of everyone’s favourite Doctor is already available around here Of course I was aware that series 11 of Doctor Who with the new Doctor performed by Jodie Whittaker was airing on the BBC for a while already. I’m not living under a rock, at least not a large […]