The Fruit From Hell

The other we tried the infamous fruit Durian, or as I will refer to it in the future: the fruit from hell. Even though we only had access to a dried sample, the smell was not only bad, but also, as I firmly believe, extremely persistent as it still lingers around here and sneaks its way into all foods. Even now, 24 hours later, I believe to be able to smell in certain places.

Anyway, once we got over the smell the taste was mostly “blah” and nothing to write home about. Our little one did like it, but he was the only one.

I’m not surprised the fruit is forbidden in certain restaurants. So, if someone offers you a sample, kindly refuse, or simply run away. I recommend you don’t try one at home, or anywhere else for that matter.

The leftover’s of that sample are currently sealed in an airtight bag, waiting to be exterminated.

The finished Lego BB-8

The other day I got the Lego BB-8 as a birthday gift and we had a blast putting it together. Some parts, especially the inner ones controlling the moving bits, were surprisingly tricky to put together. In short a nice challenge.

The model is just lovely, I especially enjoy the wobbling head part:


Also the stand adds for a really nice presentation and the droid just looks nice on the nightstand.

8 Years on

The other day I got the notification that I joined 8 years ago. Cool!

Screenshot_20180801-074858As great as this sounds, it is only correct for this instance of the blog. I started more or less seriously focusing on blogging about a year earlier with my now long defunct photoblog From 10 to 300mm. Earlier this year I started to dig out some of those entries via Wayback Machine and the earliest post that I could recover dates back to 17th of August 2008. There were posts before that, but those I couldn’t find anymore. I switched over to WordPress two years later.

So it’s actually a slightly belated 8 year or a rather early 10 year anniversary, however you want to look at that.

The One With All The Hama Beads

I think my wife has started this Hama-Beads-craze around here by un-digging the Hama-Beads which lay dormant for years on shelf in the kids room. In the beginning it were only a few random patterns and by now the situation got slightly out of hand.


In the meanwhile I bought a couple of bags of new colours and some small cases to store them in (of course) and searched online for some nice patterns (of which there are surprisingly many).

Next I have a bigger project/idea, for which I will have to buy more beads and a few bigger boards. Well, because, bigger is more details, and more details, is more nice. Makes sense, or?

And yes, the sound of the beads disappearing into the vacuum-cleaner is also fun.

Homescreen for March 2018

I know it’s been a while and I needed to search a bit until I found the last home-screen post. Even though it looks similar, a lot of things have happened in between.

At some point during the last year, the erratic touch-behavior of my phone has annoyed me one time too much and I went back to the iPhone 6plus which I had still lying around. During the few weeks that I was using it, it learned again that I so much more prefer to use Android. I don’t know, something happens with me when I start using iOS, and whatever that is, I don’t like it. So I went back.

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