And I moved to

Mischief managed. By the you read this I have moved my blog (almost) completely to and am about to set my WordPress to private.

At some point all domains should be redirecting to this one as well. I’m still un-decided whether or not I stick the somewhat boring www subdomain as of now, or chose something else.

The move was in the works for a while and was significantly sped up thanks to the help from David of, converting a bunch of years of my old posts. Thanks again David!

Early last year I was running my own WordPress installation (again), but for lack of interest in maintaining it I started to look for alternatives (again). Then I was unsure whether to move over to Jekyll or The latter won. It’s easy to use, totally customizable and is under active development.

What I like the most about it is, that since it is Dropbox based, the blog, ie. the posts live in my Dropbox, hence, it feels much more like really owning the content.

I started moving over the blog at some point in May/June of last year and did use it more or less regularly until October. During that month, Gutenberg became available on and I started to use that a lot. Yet I missed making my blog really my own.

So after a few months break, I’m now back on Even though I do this, as in move the blog somewhere, about at least once a year, I hope to now be able to settle down and just blog. But I think I have said that before.

Update: And you guessed, in the meanwhile I have moved back to WordPress.

I might have found a new favourite alto-sax reed

So far I had been rather satisfied with the very basic, blue Vandoren reed on my alto. In combination with my Aizen GR 8 I consistently got a good sound and tuning. Somehow though the 2.5 I used had the tendency to be a bit on the stiff side and I usually had to file them a bit down, to get them, you know, just right. I tried the #2, but they were too light to my taste.

The other I day, I decided to try the V21 by Vandoren, which at least as of now, seem to hit just that sweet spot. Having a decent amount of resistance, but still are neither too hard or too soft.

It is still a bit too early to say for sure, but I’m having a good feeling about this.