Two finished Books

I finished the audiobook Margaret Atwood’s “The Testaments” the other day and it’s nothing but brilliant. Even though the faith of the two main characters is kind of pre-defined since the beginning, I found myself wondering many times what is going to happen to them. Also the story gives a bit of an insight about the “how that could happen”.

In short it was a very captivating book and I frequently found myself getting extremely angry at the system in the book. I read the first book last year, but now think I should give that another read now and I’m sure I will get me the hardcover at some point as well.

And talking about hardcovers…

During the night I finished Neil Gaiman’s “Fragile Things” which is another great collection of his stories. I had been familiar with some of the stories, but the re-read of those unearthed some nice new, or forgotten details.

I’m not sure what to read next, but I have the feeling that I will re-read “The Graveyard Book” next or continue with the Sandman‘ series, or Snow, Apple, Glass

A few more Books

A few more books have been recently added to my collection

I had pre-ordered both the Neil Gaiman “Snow, Glass, Apples” and Randall Monroe’s “How To“. The latter I pre-ordered long ago enough to have completely forgotten about it already and it’s shipping notification confused and delighted me at the same time.

This makes me wonder what else I pre-ordered at some point…

Anyway, Michael Sull’s “The Art of Cursive Penmanship” is another addition in my attempt to further improve my handwriting. Turns out, there is a lot of room for that.

The Book Thing

During the last few weeks I have started to buy actual physical books which is something that I haven’t done in quite a while.

Last week arrived a delivery of a collection of mostly used Neil Gaiman books and the other day I purchased these two beautiful graphic novels. Also Neil Gaiman… there’s a theme hidden in there.

For the last couple of years I have been mostly reading on the Kindle, which even though nice and for the greater part convenient, in hindsight leaves a feeling of having missed out on things. At the moment it feels much nicer to read an actual book.

Then again, it’s thanks to the Kindle in the first place that I actively started to read again a few years ago, but the experience of reading a book like the above or graphic novel like the Sandman can’t even be compared. One is experiencing a piece of art, the other is looking at a PDF (in case of a graphic novel.

I guess I will still buy an e-book from time to time, but will definitely focus on trying to get the actual physical books whenever possible, for aforementioned reasons and because “Books are sharks” (Douglas Adams, look it up if you want to), and they are.

The One with the new Pen – Part 3

And another fountain-pen had been added to my collection

I have been looking into a few more pens recently, and was looking for something that is somewhere between my Kaweco Student Soul and the Lamy Safari. I like both, but find the Safari sometimes a bit too scritch-scratch and would like to have something slightly larger than the Kaweco, but first of all I wanted to own a piston pen.

The TSWBI Eco series seemed to tick all the boxes, and since I couldn’t decide on a color I opted for the transparent one. Looking at samples I opted for the M-Nib, which is about the same as Kaweco F.

I have learned many things since I purchased the pen. As for example how much the paper-quality effects the width of the line. Depending on paper it is about the same width as the Kaweco, on others the line is much thicker. Very interesting and offers lots of room to experiment with paper and inks.

Generally though I think the M-Nib is too thick for me and an orange one with a F-Nib is already on the way.

The Case of the Full and Empty Notebook

and all I wanted was to improve my handwriting

The other day I wrote on the last page my Leuchtturm 1917 and with it filled my first ever journal. I filled 250 pages in two different fountain pens and altogether five different inks.

For me, that is quite the achievement and the me from the past would have thought things like this to be impossible. It turns out though, that present-me has fun writing with a fountain pen.

During this time I have learned a lot, and skimming through the pages it is fun to see how my handwriting has evolved over time. I’m not quite there yet, and try to improve and focus, but I’m getting there, wherever that there might be.

Also I have learned that I while I like the A5 format for my Bullet Journal/Task Management, I find the same format slightly too small, or narrow, for longform-ish content. Also the dot-grid size, while just right in my BuJo, is too small for me. When I’m writing on every other line the line is way to small for me and in return feels like a waste of space, when writing on every other. Problems, I know.

I looked a bit around and found in a local bookstore an inexpensive B5 sized and lined notebook, which I so far enjoy and which is surprisingly fountain pen friendly. It has less feathering and ghosting that the Leuchtturm in fact and comes at a fraction of the price. The paper might be a tad too yellow and is a bit less smooth, but that doesn’t bother me.

My previous journal was filled in a bit over two months, let’s see how long this one lasts.

At the Kierikki Stone Age Center

With the end of the vacation coming dangerously close, we used the day for a trip into the past

We had planned to go there for a while, but today was the last possible day for us to drive out to the Kierikki Stone Age Center. It is a fun place to visit. We did some bow & arrow shooting and had a blast building our own stone-age necklaces using only the tools that were available 4000 years ago: rocks.

We arrived a bit late in the day (about an hour before closing), but even with more time we probably only would have made even more necklaces.

The Road to Å

We woke up in an overheated tent in bright sunshine and decided to take the road all the way down to Å.

During our first visit to the Lofoten nine years ago, I was not able to take this shot with my DSLR and a panorama head for reasons I can’t remember, but now I was able to take it with my phone.

Our first stop was at the city of Henningsvær, where we strolled around the harbour in the early morning for a while before we continued our road-trip. Along the way we stopped at the Viking Museum (because why wouldn’t you) and eventually arrived at in Å where the road ends.

During the ride a stupid amount of Lamborghini’s (apparently there was some kind promotion thingy going on) crossed our path, but somehow I’m still more impressed by the couple coming all the way from China. But that’s just me.

Anyway, a few more pictures from the last day will be coming up soon(-ish).