Last night I finished watching “The Haunting of Hill House” on Netflix and, even though I watched a significant part, on purpose I have to say, in in-screen-mode or while doing either dishes or other chores, I enjoyed the series a lot. I was kind of creeped out most of the time. Despite my first […]

More Ninja Go Lego sets

More Ninja Go Lego sets have arrived in the form of our son’s birthday gifts in our household. These two models are very nice looking, large and surprisingly heavy and obviously from everyone favourite Ninja Go series. Either took quite a while to get done, but the effort was worth it as both models feature […] + Gutenberg and some changes

Now that Gutenberg is available on (I’m not sure if there was any announcement anywhere, or if it’s a still semi-offcial beta thingy) I quickly made some adjustments to the CSS of my theme to make it more or less compliant, despite the fact I’m still torn whether or not to move this blog, […]