And back to OmniFocus (again, like for the hundreth time)

After re-animating my 6plus the other week I also started to give Things 3 try and naturally I have some thoughts about it and learned something about myself. While it is visually without doubt the most beautiful, and well designed task-manager around I found it, besides all it’s simplicity too cumbersome to use.

Most frustating was1 that I seemingly can’t organize the tasks the way I want. I couldn’t find a easy way to, say, list all items in an area that have a due date. If the tasks were tagged though, I could see them in the Upcoming list filtered by that tag, but that easily get’s annoying once that task is far ahead into the future, and involved a lot of scrolling.

In short: there is no way to build up anything at least resembling perspectives. I didn’t know that I rely on them so much, but I had a few in Todoist and also in OmniFocus, which is what I am now using again.

However I hard I tried to use someting else, OF is the app I always come back to.

  1. And I’m not even going in now and talk about the lack of Spotlight/Siri -search or location based reminders. 

Back to Plus

Over the weekend I pulled the plug and switched back to my now 4 year old (or is actually 5) 6 Plus. This weird bug tested my patience one time too much. I guess I try to wait it out and see if the upcoming Oreo-update might fix that.

In the meanwhile I’m glad to see that the 6 Plus still is able to run, albeit a bit slow, the latest OS. On a postive note: I get to play with a lot of apps that I missed over the year.

The question is: should I try Things 3 or not?

Things Watched and Listened: October 2017

A couple of podcasts and series that I watched during the last month

There are a lot of things going on and I usually don't have much time to watch TV-series' at all anymore. I gave up on Walking Dead a while ago and am so far behind on Game Of Thrones that I'm sure the last book will be published long before I manage to watch the second season for starters. 

By pure chance though I found some great and occasional, strange things (shitty pun I know) and some time to watch and listen them too during the last month. It did cost me a couple hours of sleep though but I managed. Hey, one can't have everything.

As a bonus I also found some nice podcasts, which are much easier to listen to for me. Usually on the way to work.

  • Dirk Gently's Hollistic Detective Agency I had the book in my books-that-I-downloaded-the-sample-yet-never-came-around-to-read-list and was happily surprised when I read on that there is a series on Netflix. This is fun and as quirky as one would expect from Douglas Adams
  • Star Trek Discovery This was all over the place, so there's no surprise that series is fun and exciting. Looking forward to the rest of the season.
  • Stranger Things Season 2 Season 1 was one of the best series that I have seen in a long time and the second season doesn't disappoint. But then again, you already know that.

The Podcasts

  • Steal The Stars: I just finished with this show the other day. This is very good audiodrama. But don't only take my word for it. Here's a post on telling you more.
  • Deadly Manners This is as old-timey-radio-mystery as it gets featuring the voice of LeVar Burton
  • Spooked Spooky stories. Seriously, there's not much that can go wrong here.

I have no idea what I might want to watch next, but at least Star Trek is still going on. And of course there is still Game Of Thrones

What’s coming up in my Reading List – Edition #2

Since I finished my previous list, I had to make a new one.

I have made very good progress with my last reading list and the books from my last post are all done already (all? Well, the comic still isn’t. I guess I’m not much of comic-guy) and in between I also finished, in fact just now, John Scalzi’s “The Ghost Brigades”, the second book in the “Old Man’s War” series.

Since I read and enjoyed now two books in the “Old Man’s War” series it is a given that I will continue with the next book, but over the last few weeks I already started to collect a few books, or took advantage of a few sales to get something new to read.

Long story short, here’s what I plan to read next in no particular order:

Austin Kleon once wrote in his post How To Read More that one should “have another book ready before you finish the one that you’re reading“. I guess things are fine then.

Reading Stats Progress

My latest statistics from Goodreads came in today and they are looking a lot less bad than I thought.


That looks like a lot of pages and I actually had to check which books are on the read-list. Interestingly I thought that I read most of the in the last year. Obviously (or luckily for the stats) I didn’t.

The email also reminded me of the challenge, which in the meanwhile I have totally forgotten about. Considered that I am about 42% into my current read, John Scalzi’s The Ghost Brigades, chances are that I will manage until the end of the year.

A BeBop-Scale Loop

I like to come up with looping exercise like this, because they are a quick way to learn some new material and built-up vocabulary and technique.

It’s time for another looping exercise. While practicing I was looking for a way to run through BeBop-scales in all keys following the ideas/concept as described in Jeff Elwood’s e-book Developing Be-Bop Lines and came up with this little loop.

The exercise follows the idea breaking down the BeBop scale into three arpeggios followed by the BeBop passing note (again check out his book, it’s worth it) and then resolves into the next chord in the cycle of 4ths.

The book features the best description on how to built/play BeBop lines that I came across and I can't recommend it highly enough. I suggest you go and check it out and as a bonus this loop will make a lot more sense to you afterwards.