A Stop at Kabelvåg

A few images from the first day on the Lofoten

After spending the first night of the trip along the way, we arrived, after about 24 hours of travel on the Lofoten islands first in the city of Svolvaer and a bit later in the village of Kabelvåg where stayed for the night.

After a visit to the aquarium we put up our tents on a camping ground and continued the trip the next day.

New Pen: The Kaweco Student 70’s Soul

I have gone rather quickly from being a “no-pen-owner” to a mildly obsessed pen-owner

It’s a couple of months ago, that I started to get into fountain-pens and then got me a Lamy Safari. At that time, I hadn’t used a fountain-pen since grade school and planned to give it a try again, because at the same time needed to upgrade, or to put it a bit more truthfully, completely re-learn my handwriting skills, which have become non-existent over time.

While I’m still working on the latter, I have developed interest into all things connected to fountain-pens, such a the pens itself, inks, notebooks, paper, stuff to carry around said pens and paper… you get the idea.

My latest, also known as my second, fountain pen is the Kaweco Student 70’s Soul, which is just a beautiful pen.

The pen comes in a nice little box

While the pen-related blogs that I am reading all are US based, hence mostly recommend US based dealers, I was lucky to have found a dealer with good selections in Europe to order my stuff from. Generally I order where I get things the cheapest, but I’m getting a bit tired of things getting through, or stuck in, customs. So, after only a few days my pen arrived at the post office ready to pick it up.

I have neither much experience or much to compare to, but I was surprised how different this pen performs compared to my Safari. This pen seemingly moves a lot faster and lighter over the paper, hence I have the feeling that I have to focus more when I’m writing in order to prevent mistakes to happen. This took me a few days to get used to, but now I feel very comfortable with this pen.

Currently I’m using Kaweco’s blue ink, but already have set my eyes on, and ordered, a brown ink, which I feel could be just the right color for this pen. I ordered multiple different ones (of course) and a first sample should arrive any day now.

The first draft of this post, in still horrible, but already improved cursive, Fine nib and in all it’s glory and mistakes :-)

Of course the pen doesn’t do the writing itself, and I try to do a short practice-session every day to improve my handwriting skills, which still need more work. Having a pen with which it is fun to write with, certainly helps to do the work and enjoy each little bit of process.

Ramberg Beach

A few images from the beach where we chose to stay for the night

It was rather stormy that evening, and at one point we started to wonder whether the tent would stand the wind. Suffice to say, it did. Once everything was set up, I walked the 50 meters to the beach and took some images.

As before, Spectre.app had worked well when I used it.

After a restful night the wind had calmed down and we woke up to the soothing sound of the waves and with the clouds hanging low between the surrounding mountains.

The dimensional Pocket

It doesn’t matter what they teach in school, or what you believe in, but there are such things as small dimensional pockets.

It’s not that they are like the large ones in which you can disappear and come out somewhere else. Nope, it’s much smaller ones and they are not even leading somewhere.

They are like, as the name suggests, little pockets which reach into the “other”, whatever that “other” is, but without actually getting there. Think of them like the pockets in that pair of pants, in which the keys always disappear, or some coins, or year-old receipts mysteriously re-appear.

These dimensional pockets are just large enough that something like a cell phone can slip into it, unnoticed by the human eye, but are still close enough to the dimension we live in to keep said phone connected the phone to the local network or bluetooth.

This type of “dimensional pockets” is the common one, and not as its bigger brother, the portal, is everywhere. All over the place.

My phone is, you guessed it, in one of those.

An update to my Handwriting practice

As I was preparing my somewhat lengthy handwriting post I realized that I wrote most of it already in an earlier post. So here’s just the update part.

I’m rather satisfied to notice that my handwriting slowly improves. It’s not there where I would like it to be, but it is getting better. Just this morning I realized that I have reached a point in which I can write that fluently in cursive that I start to loose focus and start to make mistakes only for that reason.

I took that as a good reminder to focus on being intentional while writing, and not drift off into automated behaviour, which is the reason I’m doing this is in the first place.

While I’m at the same time getting more and more interested into writing tools, such as notebooks and pens, I can at least also say that I at the moment also make good use of them.

During the last month I wrote 105 pages in my journal and am about to fill my second notebook with practices alone. The more I use it, the more I like to write with a fountain pen. It’s such a delightful experience.

And on that note, I’m happy to notice that my new fountain pen, the Kaweco 70’s Soul and a selection of inks already had been shipped. Looking forward to get my hands on them next week.

And yes: a little bit of backstory you can find in this post.

Weeknotes #6

My Weeknotes slowly morph into fortnightly or monthly-notes

The vacation time around here, brings it with that not so much is happening of course. One major thing would be my move back to WordPress. I have written about my reasoning behind it already, but so far I still think it was a good choice, especially since it seems that I can built the front-page that I have in mind now. Still needs some more work and some bug-fixing on the WordPress side.


Due to the lack of commute during the vacation, I don’t get that much audio-book reading done. During the last weeks I read the Terry Pratchett’s “The Colour of Magic“, Ray Bradbury’s “Zen in the art of Writing” and am currently reading Yuval Norah Harari’s “Homo Deus” and every evening Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman”. The latter is interesting since I haven’t seriously read any comic or graphic novel in a while.

Also, that just while I wrote this a post on Tor.com wrote about a possible series on Netflix of the Sandman novels which is certainly interesting. Let’s see what happens first: the series coming out or me having finished it.


I have a somewhat lengthy write-up coming up on my efforts to improve my handwriting, but one thing that I can say already, is that it is improving. But more in that post, which I, of course, write by hand. On a site-note I realize that writing by hand is surprisingly expensive if one wants to use nice tools as well. But that’s another story.

Movies watched

In terms of watched-movies this month, it is my summer vacation after all, was better than any of the previous ones. I have been mostly on a horror-movie binge at the moment watched four and a half movies so far. Spiderman- Homecoming, Annabelle, Annabelle: Creation, The Badabook (or such) and currently am somewhere in the middle of Justice League, bu I don‘t think I will ever make it to the second half though.

In which Feedbin blew my Mind: The Addendum

I posted last week how one very useful feature (at least for me) in Feedbin was hidden in plain sight and which I discovered only by accident. My conclusion was to use the web-interface more on the iPad to take advantage of said feature.

And today…

I was browsing my Micro.Blog timeline via Feedbin in Reeder and activated the „reader-view“ by accident (keyboard shortcut: G) on a @-reply post on Micro.Blog (hands up if this makes any sense to you) and got the same conversation view, even though, as I might add, it is not as nicely styled as in Feedbin‘s UI.

This is another nice and helpful surprise.

The (other) One with all the Domains

One day I will be 100% sure how and where to set up this blog. Today, is not that day. Or is it?

There’s got to be a name for that behavior, but I moved all things back to WordPress from Blot.im and with it, also re-directed all remaining domains to this blog.


Jup, I have long stated that I own way too many domains that I have used at some point in the past, but don’t anymore, and it seemed redundant to me actually paying for them. So if you run into a blog/site with seebeck.blog or at my old domain toomuchlatte.com, it most likely not me. All other domains I own, the .com and .me redirect to this blog now.

Then there is still the svens.blog domain that I purchased the day it became available. I have used it for a while, then switched (for reasons, of course, why wouldn’t I), but like it enough to stick with it and maybe even use it again at some point.

Reasons to go back to WordPress are many, and while none are huge, I had the feeling that the sum justifies the process. I debated about this with myself at length in my journal (which is the code for: now-that-is-now-super-crazy-serious), and it is mostly about the longevity of the content, media management and dependency on way too many services.

WordPress had become so huge, that chances that it will go away any time soon are rather unlikely. Even if I would want to switch plans to a free one here on WP.com, the blog would still be available (with limitations of course).

It is also so much easier to deal with galleries, video and audio. I can have everything under one roof, can upload my own video’s and/or even start a podcast if I wanted to without relying on yet another service/app/platform.

And if I would need/want to move platform yet again, almost every platform will have an importer for WordPress available, so moving content elsewhere is usually a rather benign task.

Sure, especially WP.com has it’s limitations, but at the moment I feel its benefits outweigh those.