’Tagging opened a treasure trove of notes’

Oliver Reichenstein in Write To Organize:

But honestly, x-callback-url support is something I would have never dreamed of being excited about. But, damn it, I am. I am not going to make a long story about how that happened. Just this much: Spend a few minutes on how Shortcuts works, and in a breath, you can send clippings and entire articles to iA Writer, with title, copied text, and tags.

I have made it no secret that iA Writer is my favourite way to write, i.e think, ever since it was released on the iPad way back then. I do have some obsession with that app, and even though every now and then I get tempted and use something else, I find myself either replicating it’s design and features, or simply missing it and eventually switch back one the wiser.

For a long time I wanted to built a system for notes, quotes, texts, journals (I am currently building a somewhat convoluted workflow for this), drafts and what not, in plain-text and got often rather close but it never was quite-there-yet (my Evernote-replacement-setup, with Atom.io comes to mind, worked, but what a mess) but I have the feeling, that with tags and the inclusion of x-URL-callback into iA Writer I can make it work.

One of my biggest issues always had been, getting the workflow-part of this to work, thankfully the folks at iA have provided two shortcuts in the article, which do exactly what I was looking for.

So, but I will tag some files now.

“I’m not going be one of those people shaking his cane talking about how things were Better Back Then”

John Scalzi’s blog turned 20 years and he has a series of posts out currently reflecting on his time blogging. He writes in 1998/2018: Whatever 20/20, Day Thirteen: Whatever:

But even when the words “blog,” “blogger” and “blogosphere” become even more dad rock than they already are, I suspect I’ll still be writing here, because, as noted above, I like it and it makes me happy. It makes me happy because writing makes me happy. It makes me happy because writing helps me understand myself and what I’m thinking. It makes me happy because at the end of the day, these are my words and I get to own them, and people get to see them.

This blog is now 10 years old (and yes, missed the anniversary, but it’s complicated) and there is a lot that I can relate to in this post, such as the above. Naturally this blog is minuscule compared to his, but that’s of course not the point. I do this, because it’s a hobby and fun and through it I have met a bunch of interesting people and learned a bunch of things.

Congrats to John Scalzi, who is one of my favourite authors, and his 20 years blogging, and let’s see if this blog is still around in 10 years. I sure hope so, but in which form is of course another question.


Tiny Desk

For some reason NPR’s Tiny Desk concerts have popped up both in my feeds and at work quite a few times so that I had to check it out myself. Turns out there is a lot of great stuff in there. I totally like the setting, just like in an office corner.

There is so much material that I had no time whatsoever to listen more than a few so far, but the following performances I will have to check out a bit more:

John Coltrane’s Lost Tapes

Marc Myers on the imminent release of John Coltrane’s lost tapes:

So where was this tape hiding all these years? The tape sat on the shelf at Van Gelder’s studio until Coltrane died in July 1967, when Impulse executives came to retrieve them. After ABC Records relocated to Los Angeles in the early 1970s, the tape went into storage. Soon, cost-cutting led ABC to discard reels of warehoused tapes that hadn’t been released as albums. Coltrane’s March 6 recording was purged.

This is exciting news and I already placed a pre-order. Marc has as always a very informative article and background information on the recording. Can’t wait for it to be released in the next week.

Readably: A beautiful Android feed reader

I have been looking around quite a bit, but, even though still in beta, I found Readably to be the best designed Feedbin (which I’m currently trying again, don’t ask, long story) and Inoreader client for Android.  So far I’m very happy with it and it’s just what I have been looking for. If you use either of these services, you should have a look at it.

UPDATE: Currently facing some rather annoying sync-issues, which is less than optimal.