“I’m not going be one of those people shaking his cane talking about how things were Better Back Then”

John Scalzi’s blog turned 20 years and he has a series of posts out currently reflecting on his time blogging. He writes in 1998/2018: Whatever 20/20, Day Thirteen: Whatever: But even when the words “blog,” “blogger” and “blogosphere” become even more dad rock than they already are, I suspect I’ll still be writing here, because, as […]

The Universe of Miles Davis is a beautiful, interactive visualization and examination of Miles Davis’ mentions on Wikipedia from the year 2017, which would have been his 90th birthday. This is very interesting and worth exploring.

Tiny Desk

For some reason NPR’s Tiny Desk concerts have popped up both in my feeds and at work quite a few times so that I had to check it out myself. Turns out there is a lot of great stuff in there. I totally like the setting, just like in an office corner. There is so […]

John Coltrane’s Lost Tapes

Marc Myers on the imminent release of John Coltrane’s lost tapes: So where was this tape hiding all these years? The tape sat on the shelf at Van Gelder’s studio until Coltrane died in July 1967, when Impulse executives came to retrieve them. After ABC Records relocated to Los Angeles in the early 1970s, the […]

Mark Text – A Markdown Editor

Just ran into this new(-ish) markdown editor. I haven’t tried it yet myself, but it looks interesting. That being said, I’m writing this in iA Writer with which I’m very happy for many years and there is also my Atom.io setup which I’m also happy with. I’m not facing a shortage of markdown editors at […]