Checking and waiting for Things to happen

I find myself checking the status of the Things development at least once a week and I’m always happy to see progress there. Even after using and trial-ing many other apps I still find that Things is the one app that works the best for me. Obviously it feels out-of-place in iOS7 but still it works fine.

Cultured Code really take their time to work on the their applications. Implementing their own sync service took them really a while but in the end it was worth it. It is one of the best sync implementation that I have seen so far and it’s very fast and reliable. Just imagine that in conjunction with iOS background sync.

Taking this into consideration I think waiting for Things 3 will be worth it. I just hope that the waiting will be over soon as I start to like the simplicity of Clear more and more.

Rediscovered Photos of John Coltrane

In New Photos of John Coltrane Rediscovered 50 Years After They Were Shot:

Stewart still has the Rolleiflex camera he used at the session, and the contact sheets as well. Many of the images he shot have been seen on CDs, as well as in numerous books and magazine articles. But 72 photographs from six rolls of film never made it beyond the contact-sheet stage, and so haven’t been published.

A great series of images from the recording of A Love Supreme. Would love to see the rest of them