[Link] Using Photogene To Insert Images in Posts

<a href=”http://productivpad.ca/using-photogene-to-insert-images-in-posts/=”link”>Using Photogene To Insert Images in Posts While working on the post on Drafts I ran into this very useful article via the Agile Tortoise website. I haven’t used Photogene myself in a while, but it worked just fine when editing the screenshot on the iPad. Much easier and smoother than trying to use […]

More on the K760

Gabe has just posted a nice article over on Macdrifter on the Logitech K760 keyboard and I couldn’t agree more. It’s a great keyboard. I am still trying to figure out a decent stand/transport case for the keyboard though.

iA Writer comes to the iPhone

If you read my last not so über-serious post you will have already figured how much I enjoy working in iA Writer. The happier I am to realize that all versions (iOS and Mac OS, or whatever it is supposed to be called now) of the app have received an update today and at the […]