[Link] Using Photogene To Insert Images in Posts

<a href=”http://productivpad.ca/using-photogene-to-insert-images-in-posts/=”link”>Using Photogene To Insert Images in Posts

While working on the post on Drafts I ran into this very useful article via the Agile Tortoise website. I haven’t used Photogene myself in a while, but it worked just fine when editing the screenshot on the iPad. Much easier and smoother than trying to use Photoshop Touch.

Marked.app Update

My somewhat obsession with anything Markdown shouldn’t be any secret to you, my fellow visitor, by now anymore, hence my enthusiasm for Brett Terpstra’s freshly updated Marked.app shouldn’t come as any surprise to you.

If you use Markdown and haven’t checked out this software I strongly recommend to do so. I’ll save you my own views on this brilliant piece of software and rather send you over to Macdrifter for a few insights into the software.

iA Writer comes to the iPhone

If you read my last not so über-serious post you will have already figured how much I enjoy working in iA Writer. The happier I am to realize that all versions (iOS and Mac OS, or whatever it is supposed to be called now) of the app have received an update today and at the same time introduced an iPhone version of the app.

The iPhone and iPad version is an universal app and looking at the font on my iPhone I can’t wait to see how it will look like on the retina iPad display. One nice new feature of the Mac version is the optimized and styled Finder preview.