Got me a few more audio-books at the current Audible 2-for-1-sale. Scalzi: The Androids Dream & Agent to the Stars, Stephenson: The Diamond Age and the Complete Blackwater Saga by Michael McDowell. Now I only need the time to listen to them. 📚

Tomorrow, Sunday the 5th of August, the OASBB is going to perform Duke Ellington’s Nutcracker Suite and a selection of Count Basie Classics as well the Fanfare-Competition tunes on the Rotuari stage. If this means anything to you feel free to drop by beginning from 14 o’clock.

I think the integration between Windows and Android is already it is already rather nice when using the MS Launcher or the Photo-Companion app on Android and this this should make the integration even tighter once it is going to public. Microsoft is doing some real cool stuff recently and I’m looking forward to it.